Seoul City Improv (SCI) is Korea's oldest English-language improv comedy group. We currently offer twice monthly comedy shows at the Korea Improv Theater space in Yongsan-gu. You can check out some of our events below!


Upcoming Events


The Return of Murderton
Oct 27h, 2018 / 8pm

A killer stalks the small town of Murderton! But who is it? No one know until the night is through... Our insanely popular Halloween comedy show returns for 2018. (This special event is part of our October Improv Cheonguk)

Improv Cheonguk
Oct 27h, 2018 / 8pm

Mark your calendars because every last Saturday of the month, Seoul City Improv's critically acclaimed must-see longform improv show is coming to a Korea Improv Theater near you!

Past Shows
1-2 times Monthly

We have regular shows about twice a month, featuring a wide range of short and long form improvisational comedy. Click below to learn more!